Benefits of Passive Multifamily

Real Estate Investing

As the portion of households who rent continues to increase, investment returns from multifamily housing do as well. The reasons are simple: Owners of well-managed multifamily properties receive cash flow, equity with increasing valuation, portfolio diversification, the opportunity for scalability, tax benefits – passive income through the time-proven instrument of real estate.

But if it were so simple, why doesn’t everyone do it? Because a successful property requires working with a management team that understands how to maximize the five primary benefits of passive real estate investing:








How can multifamily residential property be successful for the investor?

In simplest terms, the management team for the investment – their technical expertise and their track record – is the most important consideration. Tripod Wealth Management is comprised of people who know how to identify and acquire properties with net-positive upside potential.

Understand the market

Identifying where Class A, Class B, or Class C features and amenities are in demand is critical to the property balance sheet and longer-range exit strategies.

Buy at the right price

With so many variables in multifamily real estate – the condition of the property, the investment required to bring it to marketability, neighborhood and local economic dynamics, etc. – the acquisition expertise of the investment team is essential.

Cost-efficient execution

Execute the business plan by partnering with industry leading contractors and property management firms. Implement value creation strategies to increase the Net Operating Income and property value. 

New Investing Opportunities

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Every property has its own set of variables: location, physical condition, and market dynamics such as employment growth and stability, in particular. Tripod Wealth Management carefully selects projects where those factors are in alignment, enabling maximum returns on investment

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Tanglewood Apartments

Recently closed Tanglewood Apartment, a 104 -unit property in Columbia, SC. The property is situated in the fastest-growing county of the Columbia, South Carolina market. It is a residential community for professionals working in recession-resilient industries.

Address- 7400 Hunt Club Rd, Columbia, SC 29223

Existing Portfolio

 A principled approach to real estate investing

Multi-family residential investing is attractive to investors who understand what they are doing. But that comes with a sense of responsibility to residents and communities as well. The investment is in a product that affects the lives of thousands of people – and the better they are accommodated, the better the returns to investors. Tripod Wealth Management achieves this by operating according to five core principles:


Investors get regular, scheduled updates on the financial fundamentals of the project.

Quality Construction

Working through qualified networks of contractors and subcontractors, all unit and common area upgrades are designed to last – and reduce maintenance costs over the long run.

   Best use of Technology

Financial, construction, and marketing technologies enable best-in-class development and management of properties. This ensures a maximum return on the investment.

Efficient execution

By partnering with the best realtors, builders, investors, and communities, the project development flows at maximum efficiency. This enables a quicker return on the investment.

Create communities

Renters are people, not commodities, just as properties are more than walls, utilities, and appliances. We foster activities and communications between residents to ensure stability, security, and respect for property – all to create places those residents can call home.